Boveda 1-Step 75% Calibration Kit [BRICK of 12]

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$ 64.42
$ 64.42
Boveda is the standard for premium tobacco storage. Boveda is highly trusted in the cigar packaging of the industry’s biggest brands as it features a true 2-way humidity control humidifier product on the market.

Boveda packs provide zero-maintenance options to create your ideal aging environment. Based on your humidor quality and preferred humidity level – 65, 69, 72, 75 and 84% (exclusively for seasoning) RH levels are available. When using the recommended 1 Boveda per 25 cigars the humidor holds (even if it isn’t full of cigars), they’ll last 2-3 months.

This Boveda 1-Step 75% Calibration Kit Features:

-Simply place your hygrometer inside the bag, close the zipper, and wait 24 hours. A perfectly-calibrated hygrometer will read 75% RH. If your hygrometer reads above or below 75%, adjust the calibration by the number of percentage points it is off from 75%.
-Completely maintenance free - no activation required. Easy to use.
-Bag Dimensions: 4.5-Inch x 9-Inch.
-Lasts approximately one year, good for multiple calibrations. Shelf life before opening is a minimum of 2 years.
-Produces an environment of 75-percent humidity

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