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Cutting your cigar is not rocket science but certain basic knowledge and good materials are needed to give your cigar a clean cut. If you don’t have the appropriate tools or don’t cut where you are supposed to your wrapper will unravel and it may be bothersome while you smoke. Let’s take a look to the different cutters in the market:


Single blade cigar guillotine cutter

The Single Blade Guillotine Cutter: This cutter with single blade is designed to cut off the cap via a guillotine-like mechanism.

Pros: These are some of the cheapest cutters you can find. Very portable and can come in sizes to cut large ring cigar sizes. 

Cons: The blade can dull at faster rate, might not be strong enough due to single blade. Not recommended for beginners.



Double Guillotine Cigar Cutter

The Double Blade Guillotine Cutter: It is the same concept as the guillotine, but the two blades provide a more precise cut. You will also need to cut with force, but some sophisticated double blade cutters have a spring-action mechanism that ensures a clean cut every time.

Pros: Perhaps the best cutter for a clean surgical cut. Large selection of guillotine cutters to choose from. Able to cut any shape cigar, including Figurado shapes like Torpedo. 

Cons: Cheap versions may have weak blades. Knowing where to make the cut (must be above the cap) is crucial to avoid wrapper unravelling. 

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Cigar Bullet Punch Cutter

The Bullet Punch Cutter: The punch cutter will cleanly poke a small hole on the head of the cigar. To cut a bigger hole, you just need to insert the punch several times at different places of the cap until you get the desired width.

Pros: No cutting skills required. Very portable as you can conveniently carry your punch cutter around using the key ring attachment. Great for beginners. Works well for mixed filler cigars.

Cons: Not compatible with all cigar shapes such as Torpedo.

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Cigar Scissors

The Cigar Scissors: Similar to the double blade guillotine cutter, the cigar scissors cuts off the cap of the cigar.

Pros: They have an elegant, sophisticated look and some, like are very lightweight and small, making it very portable. Being a scissor, it provides a clean surgical cut. Able to cut all shapes of cigars. 

Cons: Not always portable. Quality surgical stainless steel is necessary for a clean cut. 

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Cigar V-Cutter

The V-Shape Cutter: This cutter will cut a V-shape hole on the cap of your cigar.

Pros: Will give you more surface area than the punch and works great on small ring cigars. Great for beginners. 

Cons: Don’t bother with a cheap V-shape cutter; it will most likely damage your cigar. Does not cut all shapes of cigars (such as Torpedo). 

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The Teeth: Last resort to cut a cigar, using your teeth. 

Pros: It is free and always with you. 

Cons: High risk of unravelling the cigar wrapper. You might have bits of tobacco in your mouth. Impossible to cut a Figurado with your teeth properly. 


Now that you know all the different types of cigar cutters, make sure you know how to properly cut a cigar by clicking HERE





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