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developing a cigar palate

There is no ultimate method for developing a cigar palate, but there are a number of methods that new cigar smokers should try in order to better understand the taste of a cigar.

One of the best ways to start is by trying different types of cigars. This way, you can familiarize yourself with the distinctions between basic cigar categories and develop preferences on aspects like origin, wrapper color and size.

The more you pay attention to what you select, the more you are able to find a preference. For instance, preferring Dominican versus Nicaraguan, darker wrappers over lighter colored wrappers, big cigars and thin cigars.

develop cigar palate

Moreover, the most important part is to keep track of what cigars you are tasting. It is a good idea to utilize a cigar journal in order to take notes of what you like or what you dislike about the cigar you are smoking. The more cigars you smoke, the more you develop your ability to distinguish and select particular characteristics that you like within a group of cigars. For instance, was the cigar hot or cool? Did it dry your mouth? Did it taste mellow or full? Any flavors you recognize? And more importantly, did you like any of it?

Developing a cigar palate takes time, but that is part of the beautiful and tasteful cigar journey, and we love every single part of it. 

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