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Gaining the knowledge of a cigar anatomy will allow you to handle your beloved cigars appropriately. Plus, understanding the parts of a cigar will make you appreciate the handcrafted cigar even more. 

The anatomy basics of a cigar are very simple. There are three main parts to any cigar. These parts are the CAP, BODY, and FOOT.


The Anatomy of a Cigar


The cap of the cigar is the piece of tobacco applied to the head of a cigar to prevent the wrapper from unraveling. The cap is the part of the cigar that you will cut when starting the ritual of a cigar.



The Body is the majority of the cigar and where the content is. This is the portion of the cigar that is between the Head and Foot. The Body of each cigar is made of three main layers. These layers are Filler, Binder, and Wrapper.


Filler is the tobacco leaves in the center of the cigar. This is what makes up the blend of the cigar.


The Binder is a piece of tobacco that unites the filler tobacco. This is the piece of tobacco that is between the filler and the wrapper. Once the binder is applied, the cigar is placed in a form to give it shape before the wrapper is applied.


The Wrapper is the outside of the cigar. Superior grade tobacco is used as the wrapper of the cigar. Big part of cigars complex flavors comes from the wrapper leaf.



The Foot of the cigar is the end of the cigar that you light. Just make sure you do not light the cigar at the cap!


Now that you know the anatomy of a cigar, learn how to properly cut your cigar to avoid the wrapper being unraveled and to maximize your cigar experience. Click here to learn. 



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