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Accidentally dropped your humidor while en route to your favorite smoking spot? No worries, here are 6 quick ways to keep your cigars fresh without a humidor. Bear in mind, the solutions we are about to mention are meant to be used for the short term only while you wait for a new humidor or another proper cigar storage device to arrive, by no means these quick solutions are to be used for a prolonged time as they will eventually spoil your beloved cigars in the long run.

The following 6 options we rounded up are suggested with having different items commonly found at home. The 6 ways are not only easy to make yourself, but they are also very affordable. Also remember to always perform physical cigar checks to ensure cigars are exposed to the appropriate humidity levels, you don't want your cigars to become dried out or become moldy!


Find an empty jar from around your house, such as a mason jar (jelly jars, mayo jars, etc.), and fill about 10 percent of its capacity with cool water. Cut up a sponge and insert several large pieces in the jar. Put a piece of plastic over the sponge pieces and then place your cigars into the jar. Store the jar with the cigars in the refrigerator. This method will keep your cigars fresh for about 10 days.



Find a cooler and simply soak a sponge in water, place it inside the cooler and add in your box of cigars. The moisture and humidity of the cooler will maintain your cigars fresh. Remember to always perform physical checks frequently to avoid over humidity!



Similar to the jar method above, you may choose to store your cigars in a mason jar filled with water. Instead of a sponge, add in a round disk filled with moisture beads that can be purchased at most hardware stores. For just $10, you will be creating your very own temporary humidor.



This option is quick and easy. Simply place your cigars inside of a zip-lock bag with a damp napkin to preserve the freshness of the cigars. Just make sure you perform physical checks frequently to avoid over humidity!



If you are planning to smoke all of your cigars within a month, simply keep them in the box that they came in and store them in a cool, dark space. In these conditions, they should last for up to 3 weeks. Remember to always perform physical checks frequently to avoid over humidity!



By far our favorite solution! If you do not have a humidor or any of the items listed above, you may choose to smoke your cigars to take advantage of their current freshness. They should stay fresh in their original wrapper for up to 3 weeks.


There you have it, quick 6 solutions to preserve the freshness of your beloved cigars while you are in the process to purchase a humidor!






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